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Big Thanks to our friends at Crispin Porter Bogusky.  We got a win!!!


Steve with his old friend Donald…

Steve Debbie and Sissy Spacek at a Bloodline session!

Netflix Bloodline

We are excited to announce our work as principle ADR facility for the new Netflix series Bloodline.  The show is set to premier in March of 2015 and it looks like its going to be a big hit!!









South Beach Classics

Having fun lately mixing the whole series for Discovery’s South Beach Classics reality show.  Each episode brings its own challenges and adventures!









New “Chilly” Friends

As luck would have it, both Vanilla Ice and Ice Cube were both here at the studio in the same week.  Vanilla Ice is shown here with John Gegenhuber  (the official voice of Captain Crunch).  Ice Cube is taking over Oly’s job as Executive Producer!!




















World Cup Mania

Its been a World Cup festival around here lately!!  Seems like everyone want to join in.  We have been doing World Cup spots for Volkswagen, Sony, AT&T, McDonald’s, Tide, Miami Herald, and Winn Dixie.  Here are a couple of examples as seen on all the national game broadcasts:


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Volkswagen Play by Play

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Volkswagen Ole-Ole

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Sony Afterparty


Summer Blockbusters!!

Did some good ADR work for two of the summer’s best movies: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and The Amazing Spiderman 2



Go Marlins Again!!

Here is the latest version of the Miami Marlins introduction video to be played at the stadium to introduce the players before every game.  Good job Juan!!

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Method Acting

Christian is back at it again doing his best to please his director!  In this case its for director Lars von Trier for his upcoming feature Nymphomaniac.  We connected with Lars in Denmark and had a great time.














Here is one of our hometown heroes stopping by to hang out with us for awhile.  Yes, he was actually recording voices for the new Smurfs movie!!















Please help us welcome our new friend and colleague Mr. Juan Dieguez to our team!!















Go Marlins!!

Just finished all the sound design work on the player introduction video for the Miami Marlins that will be shown before every game on the giant stadium screen.  A big thanks to Lava studio for allowing us to be a part of their great work!!  Check it out:

[Video not found]



Makin’ Movies!!

Here is a great pic of our friend Christian Slater doing his best method acting while recording lines for an upcoming feature.










Behind The Music: Nicole Scherzinger

Thanks to Corner of the Cave Media and VH1 for the calling on us to do the mix for the latest episode of Behind the Music.  This revealing episode features the X-Factor Judge and Pussycat Doll Nichole Sherzinger.  Premiere Sunday Oct. 7 on VH1. Here’s a short clip: Behind the Music


Captain Phillips

Steve just finished a great ADR session with director Paul Greengrass for the upcoming Tom Hanks feature Captain Phillips.  Paul is one of the coolest people you will ever work with and it looks like this new film will be as groundbreaking as his previous work on the Bourne films, Green Zone and Flight 93. More info on the film’s production progress here:  Captain Phillips


Arby’s Radio

This week we finished a funny campaign of Arby’s radio spots for Crisipin Porter Bogusky.  For these we had to re-create some particularly interesting phone conversations.  Here is one of them: 

      Arbys Radio


State Farm Radio

We just finished up another TV and radio campaign for State Farm with Alma ddB.  These were fun spots to produce and feature some of Miami’s best voice talent along with spokesperson Carlos Ponce. Here is one of the radio spots:  

      State Farm No Drama


An Interesting Project

Here’s a good assignment:  Start from scratch and create an audio landscape for four of the world’s major cities.  Finding authentic stock music and using location specific SFX takes us to wherever we want to go!!  Here are the results:


Discovery Channel Shark Week 
It’s that time of year for us to record, sound design, and mix our annual Shark Week episode for Beanfield Productions and Discovery Channel. These are always great projects and this year was no exception as the episode explored the issue of shark conservation by victims of shark attacks. Here is an excerpt of the opening sequence from the show that aired as part of the Prime time lineup of Shark Week’s world premiere:

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Outpost on the Superbowl!!

Outpost was chosen to complete a :60 spot for the NFL Network to air at halftime of Superbowl 39. The spot was particularly audio intensive as it features various star players and coaches singing the theme song from the stage play “Annie”. The job required many aspects of audio-post with some tricky audio editing and music mixing of a complete orchestral score and reggae band. There were over 100 tracks of material including the orchestra combined with many layers of on-location sound. Once the music was properly mixed , the players performances were carefully manipulated to complete the spot.

Check it out:

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